Statutory Committees


The Discipline Committee is responsible for holding hearings related to professional misconduct and incompetence matters referred by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.

Jay A. Neadles, Chair MRT(MR)(R) Council Member
Ebenezer Adiyiah MRT(R) Council Member
Renate Bradley MRT(T) Non-Council Appointed Member
Zainool Dhalla DMS,MRT(R) Council Member
Lisa Di Prospero MRT(T) Non-Council Appointed Member
Simrat Grewall DMS Non-Council Appointed Member
Jia Inacio MRT(R) Non-Council Appointed Member
An Ling DMS Non-Council Appointed Member
Victoria Romero Public Member Council Member
Nilay Saha Public Member Council Member
Scott Tracze Public Member Council Member
Martin Ward Public Member Council Member
Sandra Willson MRT(N) Council Member
Miranda Young MRT(R) Non-Council Appointed Member

The Executive Committee provides leadership to Council, and facilitates the effective functioning of Council by providing input to background materials and making policy recommendations.

In support of Council, the Executive Committee has responsibility for:

  1. Leadership on governance policies and practices
  2. Leadership of the performance management and evaluation of the Registrar and succession-planning
  3. Risk identification and oversight
  4. Crisis management

Wendy Rabbie, PresidentMRT(R)Council Member
Jay A. Neadles, Vice PresidentMRT(MR)(R)Council Member
Angela CashellMRT(T)Council Member
Martin WardPublic MemberCouncil Member
Sandra WillsonMRT(N)Council Member

The Fitness to Practise Committee is responsible for holding hearings related to incapacity matters referred by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.

Vacant, Chair
Jordan AarssenMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Christine MacRaeDMSNon-Council Appointed Member
Kieng TanMRT(T)Council Member

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICR) Committee is the statutory committee under the Regulated Health Professions Act (the RHPA) responsible for handling all complaints, reports and inquiries regarding member conduct.

Angela Cashell, ChairMRT(T)Council Member
VacantPublic MemberCouncil Member
Rania ArabiMRT(MR)(N)Non-Council Appointed Member
Bronwen BaylisMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Angela BrunettiMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Lisa GiampaMRT(N)Non-Council Appointed Member
Tarja HeiskanenMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Yasir KhalidMRT(T)Council Member
Caitlin McCabePublic MemberCouncil Member
Kim PhanDMSNon-Council Appointed Member
Janet K. SchererMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Kimberly ThorvaldsonMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Titus StanDMSNon-Council Appointed Member
Martin WardPublic MemberCouncil Member

The role of the Patient Relations Committee is to advise Council on the patient relations program, and other matters related to enhancing the relationship between the public and members. The Committee is responsible to administer the CMRITO's program for funding therapy and counselling for eligible persons who were sexually abused by a member (eligibility requirements are set out in the legislation). At the CMRITO, the Executive Committee is also appointed as the Patient Relations Committee to provide the appropriate support and resources to the important work of this Committee.

Wendy Rabbie, ChairMRT(R)Council Member
Angela CashellMRT(T)Council Member
Jay A. NeadlesMRT(MR)(R)Council Member
Martin WardPublic MemberCouncil Member
Sandra WillsonMRT(N)Council Member

The role of the Quality Assurance Committee is to develop and administer a quality assurance program that includes:

  1. continuing education or professional development to promote continuing competence
  2. continuing quality improvement among the members, self, peer and practice assessments
  3. a mechanism to maintain members’ participation in, and compliance with, the program
Sandra Willson, ChairMRT(N)Council Member
Nathalie BolducMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Tatiana GrankinaDMSNon-Council Appointed Member
Constance KrajewskiMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Merrylee McGuffinMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Andrew MoggMRT(R)(MR)Non-Council Appointed Member
Derek RibeiroMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Martin WardPublic MemberCouncil Member

The role of the Registration Committee is to consider applicants for registration with the CMRITO, that have been referred by the Registrar because the Registrar has doubts that the applicant fulfills the registration requirements set out in the registration regulation. The Committee assesses applicants’ qualifications to practise medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario, in an equitable, fair and consistent manner for all applicants.

Martin Ward, ChairPublic MemberCouncil Member
Valentina Al HamoucheMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Zafar BajwaDMSNon-Council Appointed Member
Ruvette CoelhoMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Laura D’AlimonteMRT(T)Non-Council Appointed Member
Dolores DimitropoulosMRT(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Cara MazurMRT(R)(DMS)Non-Council Appointed Member
Anna SimeonovMRT(MR)(R)Non-Council Appointed Member
Kieng TanMRT(T)Council Member
Shona WhitmellMRT(N),DMSNon-Council Appointed Member