Performing Procedures

Performing Procedures for Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists

Members of the CMRITO must perform medical radiation and imaging procedures in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the profession. The Standards of Practice describe what each member is accountable and responsible for in practice. The Standards of Practice reflect the knowledge, skills and judgement that members need in order to perform the services and procedures that fall within the scope of practice of the profession.

The purpose of this publication is to outline the information that members must understand regarding the performance of medical radiation and imaging technology procedures in accordance with the Standards of Practice, including:

  1. performing procedures within the scope of practice of the profession,

  2. having the knowledge, skills and judgement to perform a procedure, and

  3. ensuring that the appropriate order authorizing the performance of a procedure, treatment or intervention is in place prior to performing that procedure, treatment or intervention.

    • These requirements are discussed in detail in Part I and also includes a summary of the conditions that must be met prior to performing a procedure, treatment or intervention. Part II of this publication touches on related topics such as delegation, fetal ultrasound for non-medical purposes and issues affecting students and applicants prior to their registration with CMRITO.  

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Clarification on the CAMRT Position Statement regarding discontinuing the use of gonadal and fetal shielding for patients

On May 11, 2021, the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) released a position statement regarding the discontinuation of the use of gonadal and fetal shielding for patients.

CMRITO would like to emphasize to MRITs in Ontario that there are no changes to the provincial legislation or the CMRITO Standards of Practice regarding the use of radiation protection devices that require your attention or any change in your current practice.

Please click here to view CMRITO’s clarification about this position statement.

Nurse Practitioners (NP) have the authority to order all types of ultrasound, x-rays examinations, computerized tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans

When ordering tests, NPs are accountable to the expectations in their practice standards. NPs are expected to have the knowledge, skill and judgment to order appropriate tests, and communicate clinically significant results and their implications to clients.

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