Ontario Graduates

The Ontario Application Guide explains the application process for those individuals who have successfully completed, or are currently enrolled in, a CMRITO approved educational program in one or more of the specialties of medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario. Use this guide to prepare your application for registration with CMRITO so that you can practise in Ontario in radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance or diagnostic medical sonography as quickly as possible after you have completed your program and written the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) or Sonography Canada examination.

In order to work as a medical radiation and imaging technologist in Ontario, you must be registered with the CMRITO. In order to be eligible for a certificate of registration you must meet the requirements for registration.

  1. Review the information about the application process and documents you need to provide in the application guide
  2. Start your online application on theCMRITO application portal and create an online profile. Once you are signed in, start an application by clicking on ‘Apply for Registration’.
  3. Complete the legislation learning package (Jurisprudence Course). As the system needs 24 hours to register you for the jurisprudence course, access to the course will only be available 24 hours after you start your application. When you sign back into your portal, you will see a tab on the left side of your profile 'Jurisprudence Quiz', you will need to complete this course and quiz as part of your application.
  4. Complete the CMRITO application form and upload all the required documents, pay the application fee and submit the application
  5. CMRITO will review the application and confirm with your program director that you have successfully completed your program
  6. Write the CAMRT or Sonography Canada examination(s)
  7. Provide evidence of passing the CAMRT or Sonography Canada examination(s). The CAMRT/Sonography Canada sends a list of the successful candidates to the CMRITO, however, you will receive your results prior to the CMRITO receiving the list. If you are ready to start work immediately, email your proof of successful completion of the examination toregistration@cmrito.org to expedite the approval of your application for registration. If you are not ready to start work immediately, the CMRITO, after receiving confirmation that you have passed the exam from CAMRT/Sonography Canada, will send you an email outlining the final steps for registration.
  8. Complete any remaining requirements for registration
  9. When you have met all the requirements for registration, you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been approved and that you are eligible to complete your registration. When you are ready to start working, please sign into your online portal and complete the final steps to register. The annual registration fee is $531.10 ($470.00 fee, $61.10 HST) but the initial fee is prorated from the date you become registered to your birthday.
  10. Complete the final steps to register online and pay the registration fee
  11. Receive confirmation from the CMRITO that you are registered. The CMRITO will email you confirmation of your registration. You or your employer can confirm your registration status from the 'Find a Registrant' section of the CMRITO website.
  12. Start working! Once you are registered with the College you are legally authorized to practise the profession in Ontario and can use the protected title appropriate to your specialty – MRT(R), MRT(T), MRT(N), MRT(MR) or DMS.

After completing your educational program and before becoming registered with the CMRITO, you are not legally authorized to apply ionizing radiation or electromagnetism for MRI to patients in Ontario, nor are you authorized to perform any of the controlled acts authorized to MRITs including the application of soundwaves for diagnostic procedures – even under the supervision of a registrant of the CMRITO. Until you are a registrant of the CMRITO in your specialty, you are not able to hold yourself out as a person who is qualified to practise as a medical radiation and imaging technologist in that specialty in Ontario.