Protected Titles & Abbreviations

No one may use the title medical radiation and imaging technologist or its abbreviations without being a registrant of the CMRITO.  CMRITO registrants who hold a current certificate of registration may use the specialty titles and abbreviations appropriate to their specialty as listed below:

  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiography, or MRT(R)

  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiation Therapy or Medical Radiation Technologist - Radiation Therapist, or MRT(T)

  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Nuclear Medicine, or MRT(N)

  • Medical Radiation Technologist - Magnetic Resonance, or MRT(MR)

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, or DMS

For those registrants who are registered in more than one specialty, they may add the specialties to the end of the MRT abbreviation, for example: MRT(R)DMS or MRT(N)(MR).

Only registrants of the CMRITO who are currently registered may use the titles and abbreviations listed above. If a registrant of the CMRITO resigns, they are unable to use the specialty titles or abbreviations until they reinstate their registration.