COVID-19 Information

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CMRITO is a digital organization - all our publications are available in PDF format on our website. This helps to provide both the public and registrants with information about our profession in a way that’s convenient, current and useful.

Videos and Webinars

The College has posted a number of videos and webinars here. These provide information and answer a number of important questions about professional practice and registrants’ accountability.

Acts, Regulations, Policies & By-laws

Links to the legislation and regulation governing the practice of medical radiation and imaging technologists can be found here, along with the CMRITO policies and by-laws.

Jurisprudence Course

All applicants for registration with CMRITO must successfully complete a course in jurisprudence approved by the College. This helps them to understand how the law will affect and govern their day-to-day practice.

Events and Presentations

CMRITO organizes and attends a variety of events and presentations throughout the year. Please click here to view upcoming events and presentations.


The College Council develops all regulations and by-laws in consultation with medical radiation and imaging technologists and the general public. We welcome your feedback and comments on issues affecting the regulation of the profession.


We have provided a list of links to government agencies, professional associations, educational programs, and other groups that the public or registrants may need or want to make contact with.