Professional Conduct

The CMRITO is responsible for regulating the practice of the profession and governing medical radiation and imaging technologists. An important part of this responsibility is the investigation of complaints and consideration of reports regarding the conduct of registrants. This is accomplished through the professional conduct processes provided for in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA).

You may contact the following person at the CMRITO regarding professional conduct issues or to file a complaint:

Elizabeth Urso, Professional Conduct & Regulatory Affairs Director

By email: 
By mail: College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario
300 - 375 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 2J5
By Telephone: Telephone: 416.975.4353
Toll Free: 1.800.563.5847
Fax: 416.975.4355


The CMRITO is responsible for investigating all complaints received regarding the conduct of a registrant. Complaints must be in writing (or some other recorded medium) and identify the complainant. They should include as much detail about the incident as possible including the date and location as well as your mailing address. CMRITO staff can assist in identifying the medical radiation and imaging technologist who performed the procedure or treatment if you do not have their name. CMRITO staff are also available to answer questions about the complaints process and can take a statement if you have difficulty writing your complaint.

A copy of your complaint is sent to the medical radiation and imaging technologist identified as being involved in the incident and the person is provided an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Upon receipt, the medical radiation and imaging technologist’s response is shared with you along with a request for your further comments, if any. The investigation of your complaint is directed by a panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICR) Committee. The ICR Committee is made up of members of the public and registrants of the profession. The ICR Committee issues a decision and reasons to both yourself and the medical radiation and imaging technologist at the conclusion of the investigation.

Our jurisdiction

If your complaint is about the administrative processes or policies of a facility or a hospital, rather than the actions of a medical radiation and imaging technologist, then your complaint is outside the jurisdiction of the CMRITO.

If your complaint is about administrative processes or policies of a clinic (Integrated Community Health Services Centre) in Ontario, you can register your concern from the Ministry of Health's Integrated Community Health Services Centre Program page at

If your complaint is about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, you may wish to contact the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at


The CMRITO receives reports regarding the conduct of its registrants from many sources. Under the RHPA, employers, facilities, and all regulated health professionals (including medical radiation and imaging technologists) have mandatory reporting obligations. Reports regarding registrant conduct may also be received from other sources such as police, the media, assessment bodies or the QA Committee.

Reports are considered by the Registrar as a Registrar’s Review. The Registrar may refer a report to the ICR Committee for consideration. After reviewing the report, the Registrar or the ICR Committee may appoint an investigator to investigate the registrant’s conduct and provide a report.

Complaint and Report outcomes

The ICR Committee may take one or more of the following actions when dealing with a complaint or a report against a medical radiation and imaging technologist:

  • refer allegations of misconduct or incompetence by a  registrant to the Discipline Committee for a hearing

  • refer a registrant to an inquiry panel to make inquiries into possible incapacity

  • require a registrant to appear before the ICR Committee to be cautioned

  • require a registrant to complete a specified continuing education and remediation program

  • issue reminders and recommendations to the registrant

  • take no further action

Complaints Process