Quality Assurance Program

Keeping Professionals at the Top of Their Game

CMRITO registrants must all demonstrate their commitment to continually improve their practice through continuing education and professional development activities and participating in the CMRITO Quality Assurance (QA) Program.


Our QA Program is a key component to our ongoing professionalism. Its purpose is to assure the profession’s quality of practice, and to promote registrants’ continuing evaluation, competence, and improvement.

The practice of the profession is constantly evolving. Registrants' professional roles, responsibilities and accountabilities differ today from yesterday, and will change again in the future.

Why a Quality Assurance Program?

As a regulated professional, you need to maintain competence in your area of practice. That means continually improving just to stay current. The goal of this program is to assure the public that registrants' performance meets the profession's standards of practice.

The CMRITO QA Program:
  • complies with the legislative requirement of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) that the CMRITO establish and maintain a quality assurance program

  • is consistent with the CMRITO's mandate to regulate the profession and protect the public interest

  • encourages registrants to ensure their continuing competence and improvement in a changing environment

  • allows registrants to control and direct their own continuing education and professional development

The QA Program also provides registrants with a method of demonstrating compliance with the CMRITO Practice Standard 8, Continuing Competence, which states:

"Registrants must have, maintain and apply the necessary knowledge, skills and judgement to ensure safe, effective and ethical outcomes for the patient. Registrants must maintain competence in their current area of practice and must refrain from acting if not competent. Registrants must obtain and maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and judgement to respond to changes in practice environments, advances in technology and other emerging issues. Registrants must participate in the College’s Quality Assurance Program as part of maintaining and improving their competence."

Who Administers the QA Program? 

Our Quality Assurance Committee (QA Committee) is responsible for it. The QA Committee is one of the statutory committees of the CMRITO. The QA Committee is separate from the other statutory committees of the CMRITO.  

The requirements for the CMRITO QA Program are set out in the Health Professions Procedure Code, Schedule 2 of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) and the quality assurance regulations (O. Reg. 375/12) made under the Medical Radiation and Imaging Technology Act (MRIT Act).