QA Program Overview

QA Program Overview 

MRIT Act regulations state that the QA Program must have the following components:

1. Continuing education or professional development designed to:

  • promote continuing competence and continuing quality improvement among the registrants,
  • address changes in practice environments
  • incorporate standards of practice, advances in technology, changes made to entry to practice competencies and other relevant issues at the discretion of the Council
2.  Self, peer, and practice assessments

3. A mechanism for the College to monitor registrants' participation in and compliance with the program

The CMRITO QA Program is based on the principles of adult education. It assumes that registrants come into the CMRITO with appropriate skills and knowledge acquired through approved educational programs. These competencies are maintained through lifelong learning and the expectation of adherence to the standards of practice. This approach allows registrants to choose activities based on their individuality, resources available, and acknowledges that learning comes from a variety of activities.

Each registrant of the CMRITO is required to participate in the QA Program each year and to cooperate with the QA Committee and any assessor.