Application and Registration Fees

CMRITO's fees and amounts are set out in the CMRITO By-law No. 60.

Fees are subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Some of the CMRITO's fees include:

Fee Amount HST Total
Annual (registration) fee $470.00 $61.10 $531.10

Late registration fee, including penalties

($470.00 annual registration fee, $117.50 late fee)

$587.50 $76.38 $663.88
Application fee $100.00 $13.00 $113.00
Application and evaluation fees ($100.00 application, $250.00 evaluation fee) $350.00 $45.50 $395.50

The annual registration fee is $531.10, which includes $61.10 HST. The fee is the same for all members and is not dependent on the number of hours worked or the number of specialties. The initial registration fee is dependent on the date of registration and your birthday, and must be renewed on your birthday annually. You may calculate the fee owing using the fee calculator. CMRITO fees and penalties are non-refundable.

Annual (Registration) Fees

  • The annual fee must be paid on or before your birthday each year. An annual renewal of registration notice is sent to you by email no later than 30 days before your birthday.

  • You must renew your registration online through the Member & Applicant Portal.

  • You may pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Interac (available for certain banks/financial institutions/credit unions that have an agreement with Interac).

  • If a payment is not received within 14 days of your birthday, the registration fee including penalties is $663.88 ($470.00 fee, $117.50 late fee, $76.38 HST) provided that payment is received within three months of your birthday.

  • If you do not pay within three months after your birthday (the due date), your certificate of registration will be suspended for failure to pay fees and your employer will be notified that you are no longer authorized to practise the profession.

  • To reinstate with the CMRITO following suspension, you must pay a penalty equal to the annual fee and a re-registration fee equal to the annual fee prorated by the percentage of the year remaining to your birthday, provided that the prorated amount is no less than 50% of the annual fee, and meets the registration requirements of the CMRITO. The fee for reinstatement (including HST) following suspension will be no less than $796.65 and no more than $1062.20 depending upon your individual circumstances.

  • If you resign before the due date of your annual fee, you will receive a fee credit of a percentage of the annual fee, pro-rated from the date on which you resigned to your next renewal date. The fee credit will be applied automatically to the annual fee if and when you reinstate, provided that you are reinstated within five (5) years from the date of your resignation.

Application Fees

  • The application fee for a certificate of registration is $113.00 ($100.00 fee, $13.00 HST) for each specialty.

  • If your application requires an evaluation of your educational program by the Registration Committee, there is an evaluation fee of $282.50 ($250.00, $32.50 HST) in addition to the application fee.

Registration fees for new members are prorated in the first year. This fee calculator can help to determine what your first-year fees will be.