Labour Mobility Applicants

The Canadian Labour Mobility Application Guide is for those individuals who are registered to practice in radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance in a Canadian province where that specialty is regulated. Use this guide if you are licensed in one of the specialties in the provinces listed in the table below, are moving to Ontario and need to become registered with CMRITO in order to work here. 

In order to work as a medical radiation and imaging technologist in Ontario, you must be registered with the CMRITO. In order to be eligible for a certificate of registration you must meet the requirements for registration.

Current Province of Practice or Training Specialties to which Labour Mobility provisions may apply



New Brunswick

Nova Scotia



If you are unable to find your specialty in the table above, please click here.

If you hold a current certificate of registration in one of the specialties of medical radiation and imaging technology as listed in the table above and you would like to apply for registration with the CMRITO, you may be eligible for registration under the labour mobility provisions of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

Following are the steps required for registration for labour mobility applicants:

  1. Review the information about the application process and documents you need to provide in the application guide
  2. Start your online application in the CMRITO application portal and create an online profile
  3. Complete the legislation learning package (Jurisprudence Course)
  4. Request a certificate from all out-of-province regulatory authorities where you are currently registered
  5. Complete the CMRITO application form and upload all the required documents, pay the application fee and submit the application
  6. Receive notification from the CMRITO on next steps
  7. If your application is accepted, complete your registration online and pay the registration fee
  8. Receive confirmation from the CMRITO that you are registered
  9. Start working!