Public Profile


We are the regulatory body for medical radiation and imaging technologists in Ontario. Our primary responsibility is to serve and protect the public interest by making sure that your medical radiation and imaging technologist is qualified to practise and that they’re practising professionally. We regulate the profession in five specialties: radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance and diagnostic medical sonography. We ensure the continued competence of our registrants through our quality assurance program, and address concerns from the public through our complaints and discipline process.

Public Register of MRTs and DMSs

All qualified medical radiation and imaging technologists in Ontario are listed in our public register. Anyone can use it to locate a particular registrant, check that an individual is a registrant in good standing, and in which specialties the registrant is qualified to practise.

File a Complaint

Anyone who feels they have not been treated properly by a registrant of the CMRITO can file a complaint. It will be investigated fairly and thoroughly by the College, with decisions made known to you.

Council and Committees

The Council is the governing body of the CMRITO. We also have a number of committees to meet our regulatory responsibilities.

Our Council and its committees are made up of both registrants of the profession, who are elected or appointed, and members of the public appointed by the Provincial Government.


We provide a number of resources for medical radiation and imaging technologists and the public. These include the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, practice guidelines, videos, webinars, publications, information about governing legislation, links to relevant organizations, and more.

Discipline Hearings & Findings

CMRITO is required to publish the results of public hearings held by its Discipline Committee. To fulfil this requirement, the CMRITO publishes summaries of decisions below, in the annual report and under the registrant's profile in ‘Find a Registrant’.