Become a Registrant

In order to practise medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario, a medical radiation and imaging technologist must be registered with the CMRITO. Medical radiation and imaging technologists practice in five specialties: radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance and diagnostic medical sonography.

How to Apply

Learn more about CMRITO's online application process here.

Become a Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologist

Individuals wishing to become a medical radiation and imaging technologist in one of the specialties of radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance or diagnostic medical sonography must complete a CMRITO approved educational program and an approved certification examination.

Registration Requirements

There are a number of basic requirements for registration with the College. These cover both legal and professional qualifications.

Application and Registration Fees

All applicants must pay both application and annual registration fees. These are set out by CMRITO and laid out under the Requirement Fees section.

Canadian Applicants

If you are relocating from another Canadian province you could become registered once you have provided evidence of having met all the requirements for registration or the requirements for registration in accordance with the labour mobility provisions of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. To check your province where you are currently practising please check here.

Canadian Labour Mobility Applicants

This section applies to you if you are practising in one of the specialties listed in the provinces on the Canadian Applicants page.

Canadian Non-Labour Mobility Applicants

If you have worked as a medical radiation technologist within the past five years and you have completed a program in medical radiation technology in Canada and successfully completed the CAMRT (or OTIMROEPMQ) examination, you may be eligible to be registered with the CMRITO.

International Applicants

Learn More about the International Application Guide and the application process here.

Ontario Graduates

Learn more about the the Ontario Application Guide and the application process here.

Jurisprudence Course

All applicants for registration with CMRITO must successfully complete a course in jurisprudence approved by the College. This helps them to understand how the law will affect and govern their day-to-day practice.

Office of the Fairness Commissioner

The Fairness Commissioner assesses the registration practices of certain regulated professions and trades to make sure they are transparent, objective, impartial and fair for anyone applying to practise his or her profession in Ontario.

Emergency Class

All health colleges are required by legislation to have an emergency class of registration. This emergency class aims to address temporary health human resources shortages during emergencies declared by the government or the CMRITO Council.  This class of registration is not open for registration.  More information will be posted here when/if this registration class is opened.