Registrants can access all the information and tools they need to maintain their registration with the CMRITO, update their information, renew, resign or reinstate their registration, and access their QA ePortfolio through the CMRITO Portal.

Professional Practice

All medical radiation and imaging technologists must practise in accordance with the CMRITO’s standards of practice and must have the necessary knowledge, skill and judgement to perform procedures competently, safely and ethically. You can find the standards of practice and all the information you need to meet the professional practice requirements the Practice Essentials document and in the professional practice section of the website.

Maintain Your Registration

You must be registered with CMRITO in order to be legally authorized to practice the profession in Ontario. Find out about renewing your registration, adding a specialty, resigning and reinstating your registration here.

Protected Titles and Abbreviations

Only CMRITO registrants are permitted to use the protected title and the specialty abbreviations. The protected title and abbreviations are an indication to the public that the registrant is currently registered, qualified and legally authorized to practice the profession in Ontario.

Change of Name and Addition of Practice Name

Registrants are required to use their legal name for their CMRITO registration and provide any change in their name, along with the required evidence, within seven days of the change. If a registrant wishes to use an additional given name in their practice for convenience, they can request the CMRITO to add it to the public register.

Public Register

CMRITO is required by law to maintain and publish on its website a list of registrants and past registrants. Maintaining a register of individuals legally authorized to practice the profession in Ontario is consistent with the College’s mandate to serve and protect the public interest.

Health Profession Corporations

Regulated health professionals are permitted under the RHPA to incorporate for the purpose of practising a health profession, providing they obtain Certificates of Authorization from their respective health profession colleges. If you are self-employed or own a clinic, there may be tax advantages to registering as a health profession corporation with CMRITO.

QA Program

All CMRITO registrants are required to maintain their competence by participating in the Quality Assurance (QA) Program.

Professional Liability Insurance

All College registrants must maintain professional liability insurance as set out in the by-laws of the CMRITO.

Registration FAQs

Visit this page for answers to some of CMRITO's most frequently asked registration questions.