Professional Practice

CMRITO fulfills its mandate to protect the public interest by supporting medical radiation and imaging technologists (MRITs) to deliver safe, ethical and competent services to patients. CMRITO’s Professional Practice team provides resources and practice guidance to MRITs, members of the public, employers, students, and applicants.

Please remember:

  • the CMRITO Professional Practice team cannot offer a legal opinion or legal advice
  • information or assistance provided by the CMRITO Professional Practice team will not take the form of specific instruction or direction except where it is necessary in the interest of public safety
  • the practice of medical radiation and imaging technology is complex, and answers may vary based on different specialties, the legislation that pertains to those specialties, and employer policies that apply to specific practice settings
  • MRITs, as self-regulated professionals, are expected to apply the information provided in consultation with the CMRITO Professional Practice team to determine whether they have the knowledge, skill, and judgement to proceed

If you have questions about the Standards of Practice, regulations, and laws that affect the practice of the profession and any other issue that may impact the delivery of safe, ethical, and effective patient care we will be happy to address them. However, if there is an issue regarding legislation or legal matters beyond the scope of the College, you are encouraged to seek independent legal advice.

Click the links below to access CMRITO’s Professional Practice resources. 


Student & Applicant Resources

Practice Resources

If you have a practice question, we can help. Please contact by email at or by phone at 416.975.4353 or 1.800.563.5847.