Practice Resources

Standards of Practice

The role of CMRITO (the College) is to regulate the profession of medical radiation and imaging technology to serve and protect the public interest. One of the ways the College meets its mission is by establishing and enforcing Standards of Practice for medical radiation and imaging technologists. These set out expectations of CMRITO registrantss. The Standards of Practice provides a framework of the College’s practice expectations.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics acts as a guide by which medical radiation and imaging technologists may evaluate their professional conduct as it relates to patients, health care consumers, employers, colleagues and other members of the health care team. The Code of Ethics serves not only registrants who provide clinical services, but also managers and educators who may be called upon to make judgements about ethical issues. It also assists CMRITO Committees when called upon to make judgements about ethical issues in determining professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity.

What you must know about ...

The CMRITO publications ‘What you must know about ...’, or ‘WYMKA’ explain legal requirements regarding the practice of medical radiation and imaging technology in plain language, and also provide detailed practice guidelines to assist medical radiation and imaging technologists in providing excellent care to their patients.

Videos & Webinars

CMRITO's videos and webinars provide information and answer a number of important questions about professional practice and registrants’ accountability. The College's growing collection of webinars and videos allow us to connect with many medical radiation and imaging technologists (MRITs) and share information in a flexible way. We continue to identify relevant topics and areas of interest to help our MRITs grow as health care professionals and meet their professional accountabilities.

Jurisprudence Course

As regulated health professionals, medical radiation and imaging technologists have tremendous responsibilities. In order to live up to them, medical radiation and imaging technologists need to understand not only what their responsibilities as regulated health professionals are, but why those responsibilities exist. The profession of medical radiation and imaging technology is governed by complex laws, legislation, and ethics. The CMRITO Jurisprudence Course was created to provide the necessary background and understanding of these laws, regulations, and Standards of Practice that each registrant must meet.

Pandemic and Emergency Response Information

The College monitors ongoing and emerging health emergencies and collects information from various governmental ministries and offices which we share with MRITs. Many health care organizations have implemented their own masking and screening protocols to protect their patients and workers. MRITs are reminded to follow the policies and guidelines of their place of employment as it relates to masking and infection control. CMRITO’s role is to support MRITs’ ability to provide safe, effective, and ethical medical radiation and imaging technology services, and to help them understand their professional obligations and accountabilities.

Medical Directives & Delegations

The Health Professions Regulators of Ontario (HPRO) has developed a guide to address questions, variances, and confusion regarding the use of orders and delegation across healthcare in the province. This includes both direct orders and medical directives. The guide facilitates interprofessional care in accordance with regulatory and legislative requirements. It complements and assists with fulfilling guidelines, standards, and regulations developed by health profession colleges. The guide is based on the cornerstones of professional health practice, which are public protection and patient safety. These are achieved through regulated health professions practising independently and interdependently in accordance with expectations of professional practice.

Student & Applicant Resources

As the regulator for medical radiation and imaging technologists in Ontario, CMRITO protects the public by making sure that only those individuals who are qualified to practice, and who will practice professionally, are legally permitted to practise the profession. Click on the link below to to view resources like the Professional Practice: What MRITs need to know series of instructional videos and Jurisprudence course materials.