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This application process only applies to you if you have completed (or are currently completing) a program in medical radiation and imaging technology in Canada, in a province other than Ontario and,

  • you have not yet completed your program; or
  • you completed your program in the last five years and have not yet practised in the profession; or
  • you are practising in an unregulated province: or
  • you are practising in a specialty that is not regulated in a regulated province (for more information, click here); or
  • you are not currently registered with the regulatory authority in a regulated province.

If one of the above applies to you, select the specialty that you are applying for and click on "Apply for Registration" to continue.

If none of the above apply to you, click on the "Quick Links" tab available on top of the webpage, select "Manage Applications" and withdraw this application then start a new application.

Information about the application process and helpful hints can be found in the Canadian-Non-Labour Mobility application guide. You should review the guide and get your documents together before you start the application process.

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