If you are moving out of the province, retiring, or taking a leave from your employment as a medical radiation and imaging technologist, you may resign your registration. You only need to maintain your registration when you are actually practising the profession in Ontario.

  • you may complete the online form found in theCMRITO Portal as notice of your resignation from the CMRITO

  • the CMRITO will email you confirmation when your resignation is processed. If the requested date of your resignation falls on a weekend/statutory holiday, your resignation will be processed on the next business day

  • if you resign before the date on which your annual registration fee is due (your next birthday), you will receive a fee credit pro-rated from the date on which you resigned to your renewal date. The fee credit will be applied automatically to your reinstatement fee if and when you are reinstated, provided that you are reinstated within five years from the date of your resignation

  • if and when you wish to reinstate your registration with the CMRITO, you will need to complete an application for reinstatement

  • you will be eligible for reinstatement if you submitted a written resignation during the year in which you stopped working in Ontario, and, at the time you apply for reinstatement, you can provide proof that you practised the profession competently within the previous five years (either in Ontario or in another province or country). If at that time you have not practised the profession within the previous five years, contact the CMRITO regarding the reinstatement process

Please contact the CMRITO if you have questions regarding resigning your registration with the CMRITO.