If you are a past CMRITO member and intend to start practising the profession in Ontario again, you are required to complete the online reinstatement form available on the MAP.  

Reinstatement less than two years from the date of resignation  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CMRITO has implemented an emergency policy to streamline the reinstatement of members who reinstate within two years from the date of resignation. 

You are eligible to reinstate your certificate of registration if: 

  • you resigned in writing within the past two years 
  • you are able to attest that you have competently practised medical radiation and imaging technology in your specialty within the past two years 
  • you pay the re-registration fee which is pro-rated to your birthday 

You can only reinstate your membership in a specialty in which you have been previously registered. If you are planning to reinstate your membership in more than one specialty, you will need to complete an online Application for Reinstatement for each specialty. You are not required to have your past supervisor sign the reinstatement form or complete the CMRITO jurisprudence course prior to being reinstated.  

Reinstatement after resignation over two years from the date of resignation or after suspension for failure to pay fees  

You are eligible for reinstatement of your CMRITO registration provided you submitted a written resignation at the time you ceased working in Ontario and have practised the profession within the last five years (either in Ontario or in another province or country). Please note that if you were a member of CMRITO in the past, your reinstatement with CMRITO is subject to the same conditions and requirements. More information on the reinstatement application can be found in the Reinstatement Application Guide.

Contact the CMRITO to determine the amount of your registration fee as it will be prorated to your next birthday and you may have a fee credit from the time of your resignation with CMRITO.