If you fail to renew your certificate of registration and pay the  annual fee and late fee payment within the three month period after your birthday, your certificate of registration will be suspended for failure to pay fees. At that time, you will not be authorized to practise medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario or use the title and abbreviations as a medical radiation and imaging technologist in a specialty (radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance, or diagnostic medical sonography).

The suspension will be noted on your Public Register record and the CMRITO will notify your employer that you are no longer authorized to practise the profession in Ontario. Your name will be published in the CMRITO newsletter Insights with a notation of the  suspension for failure to pay fees and the date of when the suspension started.

To have the suspension lifted and be able to practise in Ontario again, you must complete the following:

  • complete an online application for reinstatement using the CMRITO Portal. Include a certificate of competence of practice as a medical radiation and imaging technologist in your specialty within the last five years. This requires a signed confirmation from your last employer

  • complete the CMRITO jurisprudence course

  • if you have not practised the profession within the last five years, you will be required to complete the retraining program approved by the CMRITO before you are eligible for reinstatement

  • you must pay the applicable fees

For reinstatement following suspension, you must pay a penalty equal to the annual fee and a re-registration fee equal to the annual fee prorated by the percentage of the year remaining to your birthday, provided that the prorated amount is no less than 50% of the annual fee, and meet the registration requirements of the CMRITO. The fee for reinstatement following suspension will be no less than $796.65 and no more than $1062.20 depending upon your individual circumstances.

More information regarding reinstatement as a registrant of the CMRITO can be found under the Reinstatement section.