Fall Information Sessions

This fall, join Registrar and CEO Linda Gough as she travels across the province to deliver information sessions to CMRTO members and applicants. Topics for these free sessions will include: orders for imaging and therapeutic procedures, the regulation of diagnostic medical sonographers, new electoral districts and expected changes to CMRTO's name and visual identity.

Learn more about your CMRTO, network with other CMRTO members and ask your most pressing questions about the regulation of medical radiation and imaging technologists at these informative sessions. Make plans now to join Linda for an evening of light refreshments and practical information (that can also count towards your continuing education activities) in the following cities:

These information sessions are free for CMRTO members and applicants. No registration is required.

For more information and updates about these upcoming information sessions, please visit the CMRTO website and follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.