CMRITO Council Approves Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

At a special emergency meeting, the CMRITO Council approved a time-limited State of Emergency Policy for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the emergency policy is to:
  • ensure that CMRITO’s regulatory processes do not put an undue burden on its members or patients
  • work collaboratively with the Ministry of Health to ensure an adequate supply of MRITs during the state of emergency
  • continue to ensure the protection of the public through the regulation of the profession

This policy focuses the work of the College to essential regulatory functions by amending the 2020 Operational Plan approved by Council on December 6, 2019, given the current COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency. As many of the initiatives contained in the 2020 Operational Plan are no longer feasible to complete under the current state of emergency restrictions, Council amended the plan to focus on the essential regulatory initiatives or services, and deferred or cancelled non-essential projects that were planned for this year, including: in-person province-wide professional practice workshops, governance review, new strategic plan development, revised communication guidelines, and new patient information materials.

The money set out in the budget to fund these non-essential projects and initiatives is being returned to CMRITO members in the form of a one-time COVID-19 pandemic fee credit of $90 per member. 

Please click here to read our news release. Members, please refer to the email message sent from on Monday, April 6, 2020 for more details about the COVID-19 Fee Credit.