COVID-19 Update

The College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario (CMRITO) is closely monitoring the situation with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it relates to the practice of medical radiation and imaging technologists (MRITs) and the services they provide to patients. As regulated health professionals, MRITs are accountable to their patients and the public to provide safe, effective and ethical medical radiation and imaging technology services. Members of the CMRITO do this every day by ensuring that their practice meets the legislative requirements and standards of the profession in all types of practice situations, including during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

As MRITs are aware, there are effective infection prevention and control measures in place across the Ontario health system, especially in the hospitals, clinics and cancer centres where MRITs practise. In addition, MRITs are required to use appropriate infection control procedures in the course of the diagnostic or therapeutic procedure being performed (CMRITO Practice Standard #4, Safe Practice, indicator m).
Your place of employment sets the appropriate infection control procedures in accordance with the requirements set out by Public Health Ontario. You can protect your patients from the risk of infection by: 
  • Applying hand hygiene principles
  • Choosing appropriate measures to prevent and control infection transmission such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring all equipment is cleaned appropriately
  • Understanding and applying your workplace’s organizational policies about infection prevention and control
  • Working with your employer to develop new policies as needed
  • Following the best practice recommendations set out by Public Health Ontario
The current COVID-19 pandemic has created challenging times for patients and the health care professionals who are involved in their care. Recent advice from some health regulators to their members recommends limiting non-essential or elective treatment to patients during the current pandemic. While this may be appropriate for some professions that provide non-essential health care, MRITs are reminded that they have an obligation to act in the best interests of their patients at all times regardless of the type of illness the patient may have. As a result, CMRITO suggests that every MRIT review with their employer or manager the protocols in place for providing medical radiation and imaging technology services to their patient population to ensure that patients continue to receive the necessary safe, effective and ethical medical radiation and imaging technology services required for their care.

CMRITO moving to remote operations during COVID-19 

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CMRITO will be operating remotely as of March 18, 2020 until further notice. The decision to move to a remote operations model was made to ensure business and regulatory continuity, maintain staff health, and prevent possible service disruptions. 

The systems we have in place allow us to continue to provide our full range of services and operate with minimal disruptions, none of which will affect our public protection mandate. As a result, members will continue to be able to renew their registration with CMRITO using our online registration process, and applicants will be able to apply for registration using our online application process. Similarly, all other departments will continue to help members and provide assistance to the public of Ontario. 

During this time, however, we will not be holding walk-in visits or accepting courier packages. 

If you require CMRITO assistance, please contact our staff as usual via email and/or telephone at 416.975.4353 or 1.800.563.5847. We will provide you with a response within two business days.  

In addition to moving to a remote operations model, CMRITO is taking further steps to ensure our continued operations during this state of emergency including:
  • Holding all Council and statutory committee meetings by teleconference
  • Postponing the spring professional practice workshops to the fall
  • Cancelling travel to meetings and conferences
  • Postponing the QA multi-source feedback assessments to later in the year
Thank you to all of our members for your dedication and service to the public of Ontario. As integral members of Ontario’s health care system, we recognize that MRITs are on the front lines of infection control, and are proud of your commitment to deliver the critical health care services you provide during this extraordinary time. 

Please continue to keep well by following the infection control processes and protocols implemented by your hospitals and clinics, and stay aware of any COVID-19 developments by monitoring the Ontario Ministry of Health and Government of Canada websites. 

For additional information on CMRITO operations as it becomes available, please visit the CMRITO website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Take care and stay well.