Ministry of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance Document for Health Care Workers

Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Health released “COVID-19: Guidance for Prioritizing Health Care Workers for COVID-19 Vaccination.” 

Health care workers have been identified as a priority group for COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario. However, because demand for the vaccines will initially exceed supply, priorities for voluntary vaccination must be set among health care workers.
This document provides guidance regarding the prioritization of health care workers for vaccination that balances provincial consistency with regional and local flexibility in recognition of the nuance of local and regional contexts and data. This approach considers multiple factors including the sectors and settings that people work in, local and community factors, and individual factors. 

As part of the initial phase of the vaccine rollout in Ontario, vaccines will be available to health care workers and essential caregivers who work in hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement homes, and other congregate settings caring for seniors, and those who are likely to engage in higher exposure risk procedures and provide more direct, in-person patient care.

Please click here to learn about the criteria (including sectors and settings, community risk, and individual risk) that will be used to prioritize vaccinations among health care workers in Ontario