What you must know about ... professional accountability

CMRITO is pleased to release updated guidelines for MRITs in radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance and diagnostic medical sonography. 

What you must know about … professional accountability outlines how CMRITO members are accountable for their decisions and actions, and for complying with the professional, legal, and ethical requirements that govern the practice of medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario.
This important publication provides an overview of many of the ways MRITs are required to demonstrate their professional accountability to their patients and CMRITO, including:
  • adhering to the requirements set by legislation, regulations and other applicable laws governing scope of practice, authorized acts, and orders for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • adhering to the CMRITO Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • adhering to requirements set by legislation regarding consent, prevention of sexual abuse, and confidentiality and privacy
  • not committing any acts of professional misconduct
  • using protected titles and abbreviations appropriately
  • keeping their registration with CMRITO in good standing and renewing on time
  • keeping current with changes in legislation
  • being attentive to CMRITO communications
  • informing CMRITO of any charges, offences, professional misconduct and investigations
  • complying with an order of a CMRITO Committee, carrying out an undertaking or cooperating with an investigator of the College
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As well, CMRITO will be hosting a free lunchtime webinar on What you must know about … professional accountability on Wednesday, December 21st at 12:15 pm. 

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