Election Process

Council Elections

All CMRITO members can participate in electing members of the governing Council of the College of Medical Radiation and Imaging Technologists of Ontario. They can also nominate other members, or be nominated themselves to stand for election to the Council.

There are six elected members and one appointed Academic member of Council. These people, along with the public members appointed to Council, provide the leadership, direction and governance of the CMRITO. They are responsible for setting and enforcing the standards for the profession of medical radiation and imaging technology in Ontario.

Terms of Office 

Elections for between one and three of the electoral districts are held in April of each year.

Each Council position is for a three-year term. Professional members of Council may serve a maximum of three terms. By staging terms of office we help to ensure a continuing base of experienced and knowledgeable members. At the same time this enables new members to properly educated and integrated into their positions and responsibilities.

Electoral Districts

Members of the CMRITO vote and are represented on the basis of "electoral districts" based on the specialty. The seven electoral districts are listed below:

District 1   radiography
District 2 radiation therapy
District 3 nuclear medicine
District 4 magnetic resonance
District 5 diagnostic medical sonography
District 6 member at large
District 7 academic member (appointed position)

Who is Eligible to Serve as a Member of the Council?

Members are eligible to be elected to Council in their specialty district and electoral district 6.  

To be eligible for election to the Council on the date of nomination, members must:

  • be registered in the specialty of the electoral district in which they are nominated;

  • for electoral district 6, be registered in any of the specialties;

  • have paid all fees or fines required by the by-laws, the Medical Radiation and Imaging Technology Act, 2017 or the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991;

  • hold a specialty certificate of registration in one or more specialties and the certificate must not be subject to a term, condition or limitation other than one prescribed by regulation.

Members are not eligible for election if:

  • they are currently the subject of any disciplinary, incompetency, or incapacity proceeding;

  • there has been a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity in the three years preceding the date of the election;

  • their certificate of registration has been revoked or suspended in the six years preceding the date of the election;

  • they are an officer, director or employee of a professional association representing the profession or any of the specialties, an executive officer of a bargaining unit of a union representing members of the profession or an executive officer of an association of managers of members of the profession or any of the specialties.

Nomination Procedures

All nominations for Council must be submitted as part of the electronic voting process. They must be received by the Registrar no later than 90 days before the date of the election. Each nomination for members of Council must be signed by the candidate and by at least two eligible voting members of the district for which the candidate is being nominated. Click here to learn about CMRITO Council member competencies and expectations

Voting Eligibility

Every registered member who has paid the annual fees is entitled to vote. Members elect candidates for the electoral district in each specialty in which they are registered to practise. All members are eligible to vote in district 6, member-at-large.


Thirty days prior to the election every member of the CMRITO who is eligible to vote in the particular district will receive:

  • a list of candidates (and biographies) in the electoral district;

  • notice of how to obtain access to an electronic ballot;

  • an explanation of the voting procedures including the deadline for receipt of ballots;

Voting for candidates for election shall be cast by electronic means.

Steps in the Process:

Step 1:  Notice of elections

Step 2:  Nomination day

Step 3:  Candidates list and ballots received by members

Step 4:  Election of members to the Council

Step 5:  Election results communicated to candidates and members